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The Zanmi Beni Campaign for Education

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The Zanmi Beni Campaign for Education.

We need your help.

This is a devastating time for the children of Zanmi Beni. They have been unable to leave the campus for over a year, some of their beloved caregivers have contracted COVID-19, they are fearful about the virus and are sad because they miss the frequent visitors to campus and leaving to go out into the world for school and outside activities.

The staff has valiantly tried to keep up with their schoolwork but it is very difficult. Many of the children struggle with academic issues and without experienced teachers or classrooms and supplies, we are very concerned that the children are falling even more behind.

They desperately need a dedicated learning center on the campus, and they need it now.

The need is greater than ever.

Canceled fundraisers and lost revenue...

Each year, the Friends of Zanmi Beni hosts two fundraising events – a Spring Fair and a Back-to-School Dinner. The funds raised at these events help to provide a loving and safe home for the 64 children in our care, most of whom lost their families in the 2010 earthquake.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we were unable to hold either of our events and thus, unable to raise any funds. However, the need for funds, especially in the pandemic environment, is greater than ever. This is why we now turn to our longtime friends and supporters, as well as new friends, to ask for help.

The Zamni Beni Education Center.

Over the past months, our fantastic architect, Francilis Domond of the DNB Design Group, has been working in collaboration with the Haiti team and our education professionals. He has graciously donated his time and services and has spent many hours understanding the needs of the children, the uses of the space, and the building conditions in Haiti, and has designed a beautiful and functional building.

We are pleased to announce that Jim Ansara, President of Build Health International, a noted non-profit organization with extensive construction experience in the developing world, will oversee the project and ensure it will be built to the highest safety standards.

The funds raised in the campaign will help to build, furnish, and staff a beautiful Education Center at the Zanmi Beni Children’s Home in Croix-de-Bouquet, Haiti.

All donations will be used where needed most to complete the building and support the academic programs in the following areas:

  • Plans, site preparation & foundation
  • Roof, walls, floors, exterior siding
  • Technology for smart classrooms (internet, computers & tablets)
  • Student support (teachers, tutors, educational materials & software)
  • Landscaping and garden
  • Classroom and library furnishing

Our Progress To Date

We broke ground on the Education Center in early January and anticipate the building will be completed in late April. We need your help to raise the funds to finish our beautiful building and put in place an excellent academic program. This year, in lieu of your support for our annual events, we invite you to Give a Gift from the Heart.

We invite you to join the Zanmi Beni Campaign for Education. Why?

Because a good education prepares a child for a good life...As parents, we know that providing our children with a good education is one of our most important priorities, and a good education is directly linked to a successful and fulfilling life. Our goal is to ensure every child entrusted to our care at Zanmi Beni receives an excellent education and the opportunity to develop intellectually and to gain the skills necessary for a successful life – just as we do for our own children.

"Zanmi Beni recognizes that humanity is our common bond. Everyone deserves a place to call home and the support necessary to reach their potential. Our family is incredibly blessed to be a part of this organization, one which helps support 64 orphans in Haiti, a proud country that continues to struggle with economic headwinds. We can’t think of a better way to support our global family than contributing to the Zanmi Beni Campaign for Education."

Russ and Jenny Wilson
Co-Chairs, Zanmi Beni Campaign for Education

Our commitment.

Whatever it takes...

Zanmi Beni is committed to ensuring that each child we support reaches their full academic potential by providing a safe space, staff, and the social support that's needed to ensure success in the classroom and beyond... just as we would do for our own children.


All gifts from the heart, in any amount, are gratefully received. The name of each donor will be engraved on a stone and placed in a “Gratitude Garden” on the grounds of the Education Center.

With Gratitude to Our Campaign Committee for opening their hearts to the Zanmi Beni family

Kristy Manning and Francilis Domond
Jenny and Russ Wilson

Genevieve and Zisko Apaza
Tara and Francisco Bergaz
Catherine and Chris Block
Jennie Weiss Block
Mary Block and Sean Herman
Cristina and Bobby Brochin
Lissette and Lucas Diaz
Lisa and Jim Fratangelo
Malena and Tony Giro
Carolyn and Jim Harris
Jen and Agam Jain
Mary and Tom Karr
Kaisa and Doug Levine
Becky and Doug McCarron
Andria and Andy Miyares
Laurie Weiss Nuell
Lizzi Nuell and Ryan Rosalsky
Molly Nuell
Robert Nuell and Tomas Rivera
Reagan and Chris Pace
Lola and Alan Pegg
Maria and Eddie Rey
Jaclyn and Jeff Taylor
Melissa Pallett-Vazquez
Armando Vazquez